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OUR ABILITY TO experience emotions defines us as human beings. To reach our full potential we have to achieve a balance between being in touch with, and fully experiencing, our emotions while maintaining control over them. Many children and adults struggle to achieve and then to maintain this equilibrium. We see the consequences of this in our schools and communities. We have to find a balance between addressing the emotional needs of our pupils and delivering the curriculum. This equilibrium can be hard to establish and maintain.


eQe aims to enable schools to more effectively meet the emotional needs of the children and adults they work with and employ.
eQe believes that the best people to do this are already in our schools. eQe achieves this through:

  • Enabling you to establish an equilibrium between addressing emotional needs and delivering the curriculum
  • Training staff to use a range of therapeutic approaches
  • Supervising staff working with vulnerable children and using therapeutic approaches
  • Providing higher level therapeutic interventions with qualified specialists.

Business Description

eQe has three business strands:

  • Provision of training and supervision to staff;
  • Capacity building therapeutic interventions for children or children and parents/carers
  • Direct therapeutic work with children/adults.

Latest news

Level 3 in Mental Health and Therapeutic Approaches for Children and Young People

Running Nov 22nd- 26th 2021 in Stockport. Contact bridget.sheehan@eQe-ltd.com for further information or visit the training page

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Accredited Certificate in Advanced Wilderness Therapeutic Approaches

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