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EQE Professionals

eQe are prime innovators in outdoor and therapeutic interventions. eQe have been delivering professional therapeutic provision and interventions in schools for more than 10 years; teaching and training people for 15 years; and working professionally in and with the natural environment since 1983.

eQe are unique in their blending and integration of Education, Therapy and Outdoor Learning. Utilising eQe’s professional expertise in Therapy; Teaching and Learning; Outdoor Learning and Forest Schools, eQe creatively combines these to produce interventions that positively and significantly impact on the adults and children who experience them.

Through our diverse team of experts, eQe programmes and interventions are designed and strategically targeted at specific client groups with different needs and objectives, whether:
– Age specific
– Curriculum specific
– Special needs specific, including high achievers
– Social / Emotional / Behavioural / Developmental specific

For detailed information about our programmes and
interventions, please contact us directly at