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Therapy Supervision

Play Therapy/Counselling (available in Enhanced 2 and Optimum Packages)

Children and young people who are experiencing difficulties in their lives need an opportunity to explore their thoughts and feelings (without this opportunity they will struggle to focus in the school environment). To do this they need to feel safe. This safety is provided through a safe space, a significant relationship, a consistent and specified time and the medium of play/creative media to work through things symbolically.

A Th.Inc.Room worker can provide this at a basic level. However, some children/young people need to access this intervention with someone more highly trained.

eQe provides access to affordable professional therapy by coordinating and supporting a pool of specialists who have all received Diploma level training in Play Therapy, or Counselling with additional training in creative and play therapies. These therapists are all members of Play Therapy UK and some of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and are experienced at working within a school setting. All our therapists are also on the Accredited Voluntary Register.

Usually children/young people receive a 45 minute session once a week (occasionally more intensive interventions are recommended), the length of the intervention is dependent on the child/young person’s initial score on the ‘Goodman’s Strength and Difficulties Questionnaire’ and on regular reviews.


In 2010/2011 thirteen children between the ages of 4 and 10 accessed Play Therapy with eQe. 92.3% of them improved with an average reduction in total difficulties of 15.17% (Goodman’s Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire)

Play Therapy UK’s sample of 700 cases showed that 70% of children improved after receiving Therapeutic Play (Goodman’s Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire)

Staff Counselling (not included in Packages, available as Stand-alone provision)

Working with children is a very demanding job. The cost of covering staff absences due to illness and stress is considerable.

Counselling can help staff to manage the stresses of their lives more effectively. eQe can provide blocks of counselling for your staff, with qualified and experienced counsellors who are members of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Staff Supervision

Although any role in school is emotionally demanding some roles, by nature, take a higher toll (e.g. those in leadership positions, those responsible for Safe Guarding, and those working specifically with children with high levels of emotional need).

Supervision provides the opportunity for staff members to step back and review situations they are involved in, the impact these are having on them, and to explore alternative ways of moving forward. This reduces stress levels and increases effectiveness of staff.

eQe provides supervision packages for Th.Inc.Room trained staff (Core Package), and tailor made supervision packages for individuals and groups of staff (within schools or across clusters). All eQe supervisors are trained in therapeutic and supervision approaches, and have years of experience of working in schools.

Play Therapy Students

eQe works closely with Play Therapy UK to support trainee play therapists. Schools, who have an understanding of therapeutic approaches, can benefit from a trainee play therapist working with their pupils. In exchange for this provision the school covers the cost of the trainee’s supervision. If you are interested in offering a placement please contact us directly.

Contact us directly for prices for these interventions.

Improvement expressing emotions at home and school.