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Management Training

All Take control, make decisions, solve problems

Management Training can be indoor or outdoor based. We also bespoke outdoor sessions in consultation with you to identify specific objectives and address them:

  • Management training days – Indoors and Outdoors
  • Strategy Development, Implementation, and Strategic Thinking
  • Creative Decision Making / Creative Problem Solving
  • Outdoor Experiential Days for Management or Staff – Bushcraft, Backwoods Survival and Creativity
  • Team Envisioning – One Vision / One Mission
  • Team Development, Working and Assessment
  • Bonding and Relationship Building

Management sessions are led by Robin Sheehan. Robin is Director of Outdoor Learning for eQe OUTDOORS, and a Director for the humanitarian crisis organisation Global MapAid. In industry since 1983 as an environmental scientist, before eQe he was most recently a Director of Europe, Middle East and Africa for a $0.5 Billion multinational software company, and is an experienced MBA-qualified senior manager with special focus on strategy.

He has been in Director and Senior Manager positions for 16 years. Overall, Robin has 29 years experience in industry as an Environmental Scientist, working as a Met Office climatologist and agricultural meteorologist; he has worked on environmental and space systems; and was an oceanographer at the British Oceanographic Data Centre. He has a Masters Degree in Natural Environments and Plant Growth, he is bushcraft and backwoods survival trained, and is a Forest Schools Practitioner. He is also a trained Secondary Science teacher. Robin is ITC First Aid qualified for Forest Schools / outdoor activities and is Forest Schools Insured.

Contact us for more details: enquiries@eqe-ltd.com

Where do you think you're going?!

Direction - Decisions - Destination - Do it!

Situation Analysis ability, Decision Making ability, Effective Strategy and Implementation These make or break organisations and managers.

In this introductory seminar you will gain insight and experience of some of the tools available in modern senior management, to immediately begin the process of taking control as managers, and making (not breaking) your organisation:

- Situation Analysis techniques
- Identifying issues and strategic options
- Strategic planning and implementation

Areas that will benefit:
- Your fuller understanding of your situation
- Where you, your school or organisation is going
- Where you, your school or organisation should be going
- How to get there and love the journey

Work Smarter - Manage Better

Take Control - Make Decisions - Solve Problems

Problem Solving ability, Decision Making ability, good Strategic Management These increase our control over work and work situations.

In this introductory seminar you will gain insight and experience of some of the tools available in modern senior management, to immediately begin the process of being more in control of ourselves as managers:

- Strategic Decision Making techniques
- Creative Problem Solving techniques
- And some principles of managing people, motivation and leadership

Areas that will benefit:
- Your handling of workloads and pressure
- Staff direction and effectiveness
- Sickness absence through stress
- Ultimately, pupils' educational experience

Best course ever attended.

— (teaching assistant)